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Get to Know Me
and My Mission



Nikki the Doula, 

Full Spectrum Doula & Yoni Practitioner

My birthwork career started when I felt the emptiness of not being heard during the delivery of

my first born child in 2014. When I learned that advocacy and education could have changed

my outcome. I was upset I had not been taught these vital points in sex education. I find joy

bringing peace to families during their birth journey. Making sure the birthing mother is a priority

in every labor and delivery.


Health, Support, Love & Trust

Birth is different for every woman. I nurture all clients and find pride in making their comfort

priority. Our world has changed and family roles have reversed. We offer a village of information

and physical support to ensure all people from all backgrounds never birth alone. In my first

birth there were at least eight family members in my space. I felt alone and was totally distracted. After years of healing, my husband and I decided to try again.


This journey was different, I was in tune with my body and healed from past birth trauma. Instead of eight people in my space I had two and my baby girl was born within six hours. I achieved something I never was told my body could do! In my approach I create strong levels of confidence and educate on

all levels of birth prenatal, postpartum and future.

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